“There is no time to explain. You must hide. You must live so you can rally the dragons and their riders. Use the dagger as proof of my orders to summon their aid. Now hide…”

– King Brendan Tram

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About the Author

Michael Gulven

Michael Gulven, a native of Wisconsin, grew up in various parts of the country with two research scientists as parents. He began reading at a very young age, and became enamored with the world of books. As he grew older he began creating stories of his own. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Computational Media. During that time he interned in the video game industry, but his true passion has always been creating stories. At first those stories only lived in his mind until they refused to be contained any longer. Thus, he began writing them down.

The King’s Dagger marks the beginning of one such story.

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I always love hearing from my readers. If you would like to contact me or learn more about the heroes and villains that inhabit the world of the dragon keepers, please feel free to contact me at MichaelGulven@gmail.com.